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Projector Issue Title Author
Winter 2000 Pollution Control or Corruption Control Tod Brainard
Summer 1999 What Did Jesus Do? Rev. Ron Bean
Spring 1999 What Would Jesus Do? Dr. Frank McClelland, Canadian Revivalist
Winter 1997 Excerpts from a report on the Promise Keepers Vancouver Conference Ian Goligher
Fall 1995 Promise Keepers, Catholics and Mormons Together Adapted from PhychoHeresy Awareness Letter
Fall 1995 Do Fundamentalist Churches Need A Biblical Alternative to Promise Keepers? Tod Brainard
Fall 1995

Renaissance: A Promise Keepers Style Ministry for Women

Bill Bright, Campus Crusade and "Jesus" Appearance in the Muslim World, Campus Crusade and the Renewal Movement

Tod Brainard
Summer 1995 Promise Keepers Part II M. H. Reynolds, Editor, Foundation
Summer 1995 Strange Bedfellows Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Spring 1995 Promise Keepers Part I M. H. Reynolds, Editor, Foundation