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Projector Issue Title Author
Fall 2010 The Good Shepherd Confronts Religion, Part II Pastor Adam Watt
Summer 2010 The Good Shepherd Confronts Religion, Part I Pastor Adam Watt
Fall 1988 The Poison of Religion - Galations 1 Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Mar-Apr 1987 Religion Useful If Not Dogmatic Balance, Volume 7, BJU
May 1981 The Editor's Desk - The 'Religion of Humanism Dr. Dayton Hobbs
May 1978 The New War Of Religion Rousas John Rushdoony
Jun-Jul 1977 News In Religion Anon
Feb - Mar 1977 Religious World The Baptist Challenge
Feb - Mar 1977 Return To Reality Norman H. Wells
Dec 1975 "Is Freemasonry A False Religion?" Dr. Roland Rasmussen
Jul 1975 Even Absurd Beliefs Should Be Protected Pensacola News Journal
Aug 1974 The Extension of the Babylonian Cult Jerry Priest