The Projector Editor and Staff


Dr.Dayton HobbsOur Founding Editor - Dr. Dayton Hobbs founded Grace Bible Church of Milton, Florida in 1951 and had been its continuous pastor for fifty years until he became Senior Pastor in 2001.  In 1972 he began, as an arm of Grace Bible Church the quarterly fundamental Christian periodical, "The Projector", whose aim is to project the light of the Word of God on the issues of the day.  Dr. Hobbs had been an educator since 1954 and had served as a principal and administrator since 1959.  After serving as a principal in the public schools of Florida he founded Santa Rosa Christian School in 1962 and had served as its chief administrator.  Dr. Hobbs served twice as president of the Christian Educators Assn. of the Southeast.  He was also a co-founder of the Florida Assn. of Christian Colleges and Schools and served as the Vice-President of that organization from 1970 1990.  Dr. Hobbs was also the inventor of the game of "TeeBall," a baseball game played by youngsters throughout the United States and other countries as well.  Dr Hobbs went to be with the Lord on December 19th, 2006. He is survived by his wife Carolyn, one daughter, one son and seven grandchildren. 

Our Editor -  Pastor Brainard has been involved in full time pastoral ministry since 1987.  He received his ministerial training from Santa Rosa Christian College, Bob Jones University and Louisiana Baptist University.  Upon graduation, he was called of the Lord to  serve as Pastoral Assistant with Dr. Dayton Hobbs from 1987 until 2001.  He then was called to be Pastor  of Grace Bible Church in the summer of 2001 on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the church.  In  addition to his pastoral ministry, Pastor Brainard serves as Superintendent of Santa  Rosa Christian School and directs Gospel Projects, Inc., a community Gospel  outreach ministry to youth. Pastor Brainard has authored the Projector column "Focus on Religion" between 1987 and 2007 and is the author of many other Projector articles.  Pastor Brainard and his wife Beth have three sons and one daughter.  His wife serves in Santa Rosa Christian School as a kindergarten teacher.  e-mail 

Stars of The Morning Author - Mrs. Carolyn McVay Hobbs, known and loved by children as "Aunt Carolyn," is director, author, and storyteller for "The Children's Bible Club", a weekly broadcast heard coast to coast and abroad.  Her unique ability makes Gospel stories come alive and appeal to young and old alike.  "Aunt Carolyn" grew up on a wheat and cattle farm near Sterling, Kansas, and was blessed with a Christian home, trusting Christ as Savior at the age of eight years old.  A graduate of Bob Jones University, where she received training for God's service and met her husband, Dr. Dayton Hobbs whom she has faithfully helped in the ministry, in music, in the Christian School, and in a myriad of other ways. She has authored the "Stars of the Morning" Column in the Projector  since its inception in 1972.  e-mail

Teaching Tips Author - Doris Peppard has authored the Projector column "Teaching Tips" since 1986.  She is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Dayton Hobbs and as such has  been the beneficiary of their training and experience which comes though in her column.  She graduated in the first graduating class of Santa Rosa Christian School and then attended and was awarded her Bachelor of Science in Elementary  Education at Bob Jones University in 1975.  She has taught on the elementary, middle school, and high school levels at Santa Rosa Christian School during the last 28 years.  After having functioned as Elementary Principal for twelve years she assumed the position of Administrator of Santa Rosa Christian School in 2005.  In addition to her undergraduate training, Mrs. Peppard holds a Master of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Pensacola Christian College.  She has two sons, and one daughter.

Proverb Practicals Author -  Ludwig Opager is a regular contributor to the Projector as the author of  the column, "Proverb Practicals" and other varied articles.  He is a graduate of Illinois Institute of Technology and served the United States Navy as a Civil Engineer in Danang, Vietnam and Japan among other naval commands.  He and his wife, Nancy received Christ as their Savior in 1970.  Ludwig has served as  Christian school teacher, and Business Administrator in the ministries of Grace Bible Church and Santa Rosa Christian School and continues to advise in financial and engineering matters.  He had also continued his service to the U.S. Navy as Chief Engineer at Naval Air Station,  Whiting Field, Milton, Florida until his retirement in 1999.  For eighteen years, he and Nancy opened up their home to provide the Children's Christian Boarding Home, in order to afford many children an opportunity to attend Santa Rosa Christian School.    The Opager's have one son, three daughters, one grandson and four granddaughters.    e-mail