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Projector Issue Title Author
Spring 2002 We Are Becoming What We Love A.W. Tozer
Summer 2001 Genuine Love Chester E. Tulga, D.D.
Spring 1999 The Portrait T. T. Shields
Spring 1998 First Love Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Fall 1993 The Performance of Love Randall Douglas, Missionary
Summer 1993 The Preeminence of Love Part II Randall Douglas, Missionary
Spring 1, 1993 Love: A More Excellent Way Randall Douglas, Missionary
Aug 1981 Loving is....Not Letting Down the Bars Conservative Book Club Bulletin Jan 1977
Jul 1973 Reflection...What is the difference between friendliness and love? Eugene Clark
Feb 1973 Truth and Love Dr. Charles W. Smith
June1972 The Nature of Christian Love Dr. Charles W. Smith