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Projector Issue Title Author
Spring 2000 Let Not Man Put Asunder Ludwig Opager
Feb 1981 A Godly Seed Part II Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Jan 1981 A Godly Seed Part I Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Mar 1980 The Editor's Desk - Review of the Book, "And He Loved Her" by Carolyn Hobbs Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Feb-Mar 1978 Book Reviews - How Can You Beat The Killer Diseases, Man, Women and God, Robert E. Lee, Christian General and Gentleman Dave Johnson
Jun-Jul 1977 The Marriage Ring John Angell James
Dec 1976 Methodists Alter The Altar Victor E. Jacobson
Aug 1974 'Second Mate' Shirlee Evans
Aug 1972 The Home Wreckers & Home Builders Evangelist. Bill Hall