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Projector Issue Title Author
Spring/Summer 2022 The Editor's Desk - America: A Third World Country? Pastor Tod Brainard
Fall 2021 There Good News Concerning The Near Future? Dr. Manfred Kober
Summer 2018 A Stark Prediction  Matthew 24:37-39 Pastor Tod Brainard
Summer 2017 Why Study Prophesy Now? Dr. Manfred Kober
Winter 2009 The Image's Ten Toes Ludwig Opager
Fall 2001 The Revival of Preterism Ron Bean
Spring 1993 The Editor's Desk - The White Horse Dr. Dayton Hobbs
May-June 1986 The Testimony of Jesus Christ Concerning the Kingdom Robert McWatty Russell, D.D., LL.D
Sep 1982 The Lord's Coming, The Key to The Scriptures F. E. Howitt
Jan 1980 Catholic Eschatology Anon