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Projector Issue Title
Spring 2004 Escape or Deliverance, Psalm 55
Fall 2003 Take Cover
Winter 2003 Sing With Understanding
Summer 2002 Where are the Laborers?
Fall 2001 The Revival of Preterism
Winter 2001 Managing Behavior or Exercising Authority
Fall 1999 Almost A Christian
Summer 1999 What Did Jesus Do?
Summer 1999 The Historic Protestant Belief Regarding the Inspiration of the Scriptures
Spring 1998 Brownsville, Finney, and Revival
Summer 1997 The Mixed Multitude
Spring 1996 Assurance of Salvation
Fall 1995 The Normal Result of Salvation
Summer 1995 Works Mean Things
Winter 1995 Three Subjects Worth Preaching
Fall 1994 P. C. Hymns (Politically Correct)
Fall 1994 At Ease In Zion