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Projector Issue Title Author

Summer 2018

Christopher Dock: Early Colonial Christian Educator (1698-1771) Pastor Tod Brainard

Spring 2018

Ministering to a Mocking Nation Dr. Adam Watt

Winter 2018

"Spiritual" but Unchurched Pastor Adam Watt

Fall 2017

God's Response to Ministry's Disappointment Pastor Adam Watt

Fall 2016

A Nation of Hypocrisy Pastor Adam Watt

Summer 2016

Such a Nation As This Pastor Adam Watt

Spring 2016

George Counts and the New Social Order, Part IV Pastor Adam Watt

Fall 2015

George Counts and the New Social Order, Part III Pastor Adam Watt

Summer 2015

George Counts and the New Social Order, Part II Pastor Adam Watt

Spring 2015

George Counts and the New Social Order, Part I Pastor Adam Watt

Winter 2015

Spiritual Resolution Pastor Adam Watt

Fall 2014

Standing With Christ Pastor Adam Watt

Spring 2014

Recognizing the Enemy Pastor Adam Watt

Fall 2013

Some Practical Things that Godly Farm Boys Know! Melvin Wingrove

Winter 2013

Religious Non-Affiliation: Another Step for New Atheism Pastor Adam Watt

Fall 2012

A Christian Misconception of the Holy Spirit Pastor Adam Watt

Spring 2012

Strength in Numbers, The Rise of American Atheism Pastor Adam Watt

Winter 2012

Already Compromised, by Ken Ham, and Greg Hall, A Book Review Curtis Sluss

Summer 2011

Sowing Among The Thorns Curtis Sluss

Spring 2011

Lot in Zoar Curtis Sluss

Fall 2010

Unity: Biblical or Synthetic Curtis Sluss

Summer 2010

Be Careful What You Hear and Read Curtis Sluss

Spring 2010

Standing Alone With the Power of God Curtis Sluss

Fall 2009

Already Gone, By Ken Ham & Brit Beemer, A Review Curtis Sluss

Winter 2009

Results Based Mission Statements Curtis Sluss

Summer 2008

Separation from Apostasy, Part III Pastor John E. Ashbrook
Spring 2008 Separation from Apostasy, Part II Pastor John E. Ashbrook

Winter 2008

Separation from Apostasy, Part I Pastor John E. Ashbrook

Winter 2008

A review of "This Little Church Stayed Home" Curtis Sluss

Summer 2007

Fundamentalism, A Heart For God, Holiness, Separation Curtis Sluss

Spring 2007

Hidden Agendas Curtis Sluss

Winter 2007

Softening Separation Pastor Tod Brainard

Spring 2006

Can a True Believer Apostatize? Pastor Tod Brainard

Winter 2006

Hymn Singing In Crisis Pastor Tod Brainard

Fall 2005

Missions Trip To India Tod Brainard

Summer 2005

The Magnetism of New Evangelicalism Tod Brainard
Spring 2004 A Very Froward Generation Tod Brainard
Winter 2004 The Decline of Dispensational Teaching Tod Brainard
Summer 2003 No Time For Hard Voices Tod Brainard
Spring 2003 Thoughts on the War in Iraq Tod Brainard
Winter 2003 Inventory Time Tod Brainard
Summer 2002 The Cost of Heeding Error Tod Brainard
Spring 2002 Sunday School and the Bible Tod Brainard
Winter 2002 Generation YES Tod Brainard
Fall 2001 America's Future Tod Brainard
Spring 2001 Word Power Tod Brainard
Winter 2001 Lessons on Evangelism Tod Brainard
Fall 2000 Liberty in Christ and the Translation Debate Tod Brainard
Summer 2000 Four Great New Testament Mysteries Tod Brainard
Winter 2000 Pollution Control or Corruption Control Tod Brainard
Summer 1999 Consecrated Mouths Tod Brainard
Fall 1998 Desire the Sincere Milk of the Word Tod Brainard
Summer 1998 Biblical Confrontation Tod Brainard
Summer 1997 Deviations From a Solemn Sound Tod Brainard
Winter 1997 Charges to the Next Generation Tod Brainard
Fall 1996 Fussy Fundamentalists Tod Brainard
Summer 1996 Straw Man Arguments Tod Brainard
Spring 1996 Is Roman Catholicism No Longer A Threat to Biblical Christianity? Tod Brainard
Fall 1995

Renaissance: A Promise Keepers Style Ministry for Women

Bill Bright, Campus Crusade and "Jesus" Appearance in the Muslim World

Campus Crusade and the Renewal Movement

Tod Brainard
Summer 1995 Apostles of Psychobabble Part III Tod Brainard
Winter 1995 Apostles of Psychobabble Part II Tod Brainard
Fall 1994 Apostles of Psychobabble Part I Tod Brainard
Summer 1994 Monroe Parker, Cult Studies, Christian Politicians, Dispensational Ecumenism.. Tod Brainard
Spring 1994 Counseling:  No Substitute For Preaching Tod Brainard
Winter 1994 How Many Are Born Again? Tod Brainard
Fall 1993 FACCS Features New Evangelical Tim Lee, Apostasy: Is It In The Future? Tod Brainard
Summer 1992 Criterion For Choosing Sacred Music Tod Brainard
Spring 1992 Choosing Christ Honoring Music Tod Brainard
Winter 1992 A Biblical Perspective on Church Music Tod Brainard
Fall 1991 New Age: The Moral Dilemma and Deception Tod Brainard
Summer 1991 New Age Theology Tod Brainard
Spring 1991 New Age Vocabulary Tod Brainard
Winter 1991 New Age Warnings Tod Brainard
Fall 1990 Passive Humanism in Fundamental Christianity Tod Brainard
Summer 1990 Five Dangers to Fundamental Youth Ministries Tod Brainard
Winter 1989, Vol.18, No.4 Abortion Issue Tod Brainard
Sum-Fall 1989 Revival God's Way Tod Brainard
Spring 1989 Contemporary Music Appeal Whom Are We Kidding? Tod Brainard
Fall 1988 Are We Giving Up Truth For Morality? Tod Brainard
Spring 1988 Immorality in Churched Teens Tod Brainard
Winter 1987 The Word of God: Public Schools Want It Out! Tod Brainard
Fall 1987 Tennessee Temple in Evangelical Orbit Tod Brainard
May-June 1987 The Translation Tragedy Tod Brainard
Mar-Apr 1987 Sex Education Not the Answer for Aids Tod Brainard
Sep-Oct 1986 Methodists Will Keep 'Militaristic' Hymns Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Jul-Aug 1986 John MacArthur Said It Joseph Schmuck
May-June 1986 A Different Look Joseph Schmuck
Mar-Apr 1986 Exile, New Falwell Organization Joseph Schmuck
Jan-Feb 1986 Even So Lord, Come Joseph Schmuck
Nov-Dec 1985 New Mission Board, Shared Pulpit, Parents and Grades etc. Joseph Schmuck
Sep-Oct 1985 Why We Need Christian Schools Joseph Schmuck
Mar-Apr 1985 Dr. Harold John Ockenga (1905-1985) Peter J. Foxx
Jan-Feb 1985 "Spiritual Apathy In Christian Education" Peter J. Foxx
Nov-Dec 1984 Religion And Politics Peter J. Foxx
May-June 1984 The Baptist Fundmental Convention Peter J. Foxx
Mar-Apr 1984 What Is Fundamentalism? Peter J. Foxx
Jan-Feb 1984 Significant New Books - The Fight For Fundamentalism Peter J. Foxx
Nov-Dec 1983 Religious War In Lebanon Peter J. Foxx
Sep-Oct 1983 Rousas John  Rushdoony - Friend or Foe Peter J. Foxx
Mar-Apr 1983 Christians and Cable T. V. Peter J. Foxx
Jan-Feb 1983 An Open Letter to Our Readers - Re: Jerry Falwell Peter J. Foxx
Oct 1982 Spotlight on The Spotlight Peter J. Foxx
Sep 1982 What About The Jews? Peter J. Foxx
Aug 1982 The White Lie - Ellen G. White Peter J. Foxx
Jun-Jul 1982 The Pope In England Peter J. Foxx
Mar-Apr 1982 Love Thy Neighbor Peter J. Foxx
Feb 1982 The Bob Jones University Tax Case Peter J. Foxx
Jan 1982 B. F. Skinner Loses Hope For Man Peter J. Foxx
Nov-Dec 1981 Ecumenical Event, B.J.U. Tax Case Peter J. Foxx
Sep 1981 Creationism in Louisiana, Weniger Medical Bulletin Peter J. Foxx
Aug 1981 Twenty-Five Years of Christianity Today Peter J. Foxx
Jun-Jul 1981 Dr. Weniger On Road To Recovery Peter J. Foxx
May 1981 Lloyd -Jones Passes on to Glory, Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Peter J. Foxx
Apr 1981 Billings in Education Department, Shadrach Meshack Lockridge Peter J. Foxx
Mar 1981 A Declaration of Position Peter J. Foxx
Feb 1981 Beware of British Israelism Peter J. Foxx
Jan 1981 Anita Bryant Recants Peter J. Foxx
Nov 1980 Translations Must Err Peter J. Foxx
Oct 1980 Christianity In Political Perspective Peter J. Foxx
Sep 1980 No Militancy For McGee Peter J. Foxx
Jun 1980 The Moral Majority?? Peter J. Foxx
May 1980 What Is A "Family"? Peter J. Foxx
Apr 1980 Troubles At Temple Peter J. Foxx
Mar 1980 Doing God's Work God's Way Peter J. Foxx
Feb 1980 The Real Jack Van Impe Peter J. Foxx
Jan 1980 Dr. Greg Dixon Featured Speaker At James Robinson Bible Conference Peter J. Foxx
Oct 1979 Important New Book - Tools For Teaching and Preaching the Bible Peter J. Foxx
Sep 1979 Christian Reconstruction? Peter J. Foxx
Aug 1979 A License To Serve The Lord? Peter J. Foxx
Jun 1979 The Death Penalty Must Live! Peter J. Foxx
May 1979 The E. J. Daniels Crusade Peter J. Foxx
Apr 1979 Hooray For BJU Peter J. Foxx
Mar 1979 More About Johnny Todd Peter J. Foxx
Feb 1979 The World Wide Church Of God Peter J. Foxx
Jan 1979 "W. S. McBirnie and the California Graduate School of Theology Peter J. Foxx
Oct 1978 Biblical Feminists?, Booze By The Barrel, Criswell And The Catholics Peter J. Foxx
Aug-Sep 1978 Bible Institute Of Ohio, Gay Bob, Pope Paul VI Peter J. Foxx
Jul 1978 A Business Or A Ministry?, Falwell's Failure, Dr. Bill Rice Peter J. Foxx
June 1978 Gore Vidal; 100% Baptist Peter J. Foxx
May 1978 Anita's Antics, Women Preachers Peter J. Foxx
Feb-Mar 1978 "Porn-Again", Star Teacher Peter J. Foxx
Jan 1978 Falwell Goes To Moody, Poor Billy Peter J. Foxx
Nov-Dec 1977 More From Madalyn Peter J. Foxx
Oct 1977 "The Plight Of Pleitz", Who Was Jesus? Peter J. Foxx
Sep 1977 Charismatics At Kansas City Peter J. Foxx
Aug 1977 Daughters Of Rome Peter J. Foxx
Jun-Jul 1977 The 'Stigma' Of Fundamentalism Peter J. Foxx
May 1977 Women And Religion, The Lord's Day, Congratulations To The Florida Legislature Peter J. Foxx
Apr 1977 G. M. Backed Film-Cancelled, Eldlridge Cleaver's Conversion, "Private" In Name Only Peter J. Foxx
Feb - Mar 1977 More About Southwide, Church Music, Smut Publisher Convicted Peter J. Foxx
Jan 1977 Graham Endorses Social Drinking, Those Dangerous Christmas Carols, A Catholic On Wheaton College Faculty Peter J. Foxx
Dec 1976 New TV Film - Life Of Christ!, An Uncertain Sound Peter J. Foxx
Nov 1976 New Evangelicalism Peter J. Foxx
Oct 1976 Youth Loses Beer Bout, Pornographic Movie of Christ, Minister's Union Peter J. Foxx
Sep 1976 Freedom Of Religion Peter J. Foxx
Aug 1976 Carter A Christian?, Dr. Greene Dies Peter J. Foxx