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Projector Issue Title Author
Winter 2007 Beloved Editor With The Lord Pastor Tod Brainard
Winter 2007 Editor's Desk - Beloved Editor With The Lord Pastor Tod Brainard
Oct 1981 Fred Schmitz with the Lord Anon
Oct 1981 Sheriff Padlocks Nebraska Church Robert McCurry
Oct 1981 Dean Edwards in Glory Anon
Oct 1981 Proctor and Gamble Commended Anon
Jun 1979 Open Heart Surgery for Hoyett Lemmon The Blu-print
May 1979 BJU To Offer Nursing Program Anon
May 1979 James Robison's Annual Conference The Blu-print
Nov-Dec 1978 ...A New Evangelical Millionaire Anon
Nov-Dec 1978 .....California Graduate School Of Theology Anon
Nov-Dec 1978 New Pastor In Van Nuys Anon
Oct 1978 Cross-Country Event Added To Soccer Tournament Anon
Aug-Sep 1978 Peale, Folwell to marry couple Susie Hupp
Aug-Sep 1978 Two Saints With The Lord Norman Wells, Glen Schunk Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Jul 1978 BJU - Mrs. Hobbs Receives Alumni Citation Anon
Nov-Dec 1977 Meditation Courses Atlanta Constitution
Nov-Dec 1977 Elkton Wins Tournament Anon
Nov-Dec 1977 Christian College Capitulates Anon
Oct 1977 The Panama Canal, Dr. Bob Jones III Anon
Jun-Jul 1977 News In Religion Anon
May 1977 Tillman Available Anon
Dec 1976 Faith Christian School Takes Soccer Championship Anon
Aug 1976 High School & College Move To New Buildings Norman H. Wells
May 1976 Catholic Masons? Christian News
May 1976 Commencement Week Activities At BJU Announced Anon
May 1976 Charismatic Catholics Christian News
Apr 1976 Fundamentalist Congress Program Set Anon
Mar 1976 Mrs. George Wallace Addresses Charismatics In Alabama Anon
Mar 1976 Red China Anon
Jan - Feb 1976 CEA Program Set Anon
Nov 1975 Wild's Soccer Tournament Anon
Nov 1975 BJU President Asks Students And Faculty to Cancel Subscriptions To Well-Known Magazines Anon
Aug 1975 Van Impe Crusade Anon
Jul 1975 Religious Liberty Of Persons Theme Of Appeal In Ohio Anon
Jul 1975 Conference Scheduled Christian Legal Defense Anon
Apr 1975 Rammel Appointed New President At Pillsbury Anon
Apr 1975 Common Cause And Rockefeller Anon
Feb 1975 Physical Science For Christian Schools! Anon
Jan 1975 BJU Supports Virginia Protest Of Books Anon
Dec 1974 Irish Fundamentalist Smeared Blueprint
Dec 1974 BJU President Announces Bible Conference Speakers Anon
Dec 1974 Report Of NCCEA Convention Anon
Dec 1974 California Association Of Christian Schools Has 2369 At 24th Annual Convention Anon
Dec 1974 Roloff Sues For Damages Christian Beacon
Oct 1974 BJU Begins 48th Year Anon
Oct 1974 Stay Order Issued Anon
Aug 1974 The Inspiration and Use of the Bible Anon
Aug 1974 Christian School Threatened By State Anon
June 1974 The Following Statement Was Made On Friday, May 17 By Dr. Bob Jones, III, President of Bob Jones University Dr. Bob Jones III
May 1974 Commencement Week At BJU Anon
Apr 1974 BJU Summer Program Announced Anon
Feb 1974 Bob Jones University Enters Textbook Field Elmer Rumminger
Jan 1974 Wills Can Be Broken On Racial Grounds Anon
Jan 1974 New Stereo Record From B.J.U. Anon
Jan 1974 Guest Speakers For BJU Conference Announded Anon
Jan 1974 Founder's Memorial Amphitorium Dedicated at B. J. U. Anon
Dec 1973 United Church Of Christ Communications Oppose Hiring Christians Only Anon
Dec 1973 King James Version Tapes by B. J. U. Faculty Anon
Sep 1973 Garlock Speaking Full-Time Anon
Sep 1973 Dr. Rock Royer Heads Christian Educators Activities Association Anon
Apr1973 Christian View Of World History At The Wilds Anon
Apr1973 Revised Reprints Available Anon
Feb 1973 BJU Announces 'FAITH' Anon
Jan 1973 United Church Women Celebrate Eve's 'Free Act' Anon
Jan 1973 Five Preachers to Speak at BJU Bible Conference Anon
Dec 1972 Churches Afraid To Preach The Gospel Anon
Dec 1972 Clergyman Attacks "Candy-Coated Gospel" Anon
Dec 1972 Bishop Robinson Promotes Sex Revolution Anon
Nov 1972 "Explo '72" Held in Dallas The Sawdust Trail
Nov 1972 Bible-Denying Teacher Sues Over Dismissal Anon
Nov 1972 Black Elected New Secretary of World Council of Churches Anon
Oct 1972 Handbook on Church Building Anon
Oct 1972 Formal Opening at BJU Anon
Sep1972 YWCA Buys $30,360.00 Controversial Ad in Time Magazine Anon