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Projector Issue Title Author
Fall 2022 Editor's Desk - Shall We Surrender? Pastor Tod Brainard
Fall 2018 Editor's Desk - The Death -Throws of Civility and Courtesy Pastor Tod Brainard
Fall 2018 Surviving the Culture of Now Dr. J. B. Hixson
Spring 2017 Founder's Forum, Biblical Culture vs. Satan's Culture Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Fall 2015 Where Are We Headed? Pastor Tod Brainard
Summer 2014 Spotlight on Contemporary Issues: National Decadence Curtis Sluss
Summer 2014 Facing the Future Dr. Clay Nuttall
Winter 2013 Editor's Desk - Caving In To the Culture Pastor Tod Brainard
Spring 2012 Editor's Desk - The Culture Collapse Pastor Tod Brainard
Summer 2006 Culture Wars On Christian College Campuses Pastor Tod Brainard
Winter 2002 Biblical Culture vs. Satan's Culture, Part II Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Fall 2001 Biblical Culture vs. Satan's Culture, Part I Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Mar-Apr 1985 A Christian Policy on Race John E. Ashbrook
Apr 1981 Lloyd-Jones Rejects Cultural Mandate The Blu-Print
Aug 1972 Pressure Drive to Legalize Marijuana Anon
July 1972 Conch Island Gulls The National Program Letter of Dr. George S. Benson
June1972 Pity the Middle Class Anon