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Projector Issue Title Author
Spring 2012 Inherit the Wind, A Message to Mothers and Fathers Ludwig Opager
Summer 2008 Spiritual Ministry of a Father Pastor Adam Watt
Summer 2007 Editor's Desk - The Generational Impact of a Father Pastor Tod Brainard
Summer 2000 The Bible Father Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Fall 1999 A Father's Greatest Priority Tod Brainard
Spring 1998 The Godly Father Ludwig Opager
Winter 1997 Charges to the Next Generation Tod Brainard
Mar-Apr 1987 Beatitudes For the Homes Baptist Bulletin Service
May 1980 What's In A Name? Anon
Nov 1979 Your Name Sunshine Magazine
Apr 1975 Gray Power Dr. James Biddle
June 1974 A Tale Of Two Fathers Dr. Dayton Hobbs