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Projector Issue Title Author
Summer 2015 Spotlight on Contemporary Issues:  A Servant Curtis Sluss
Summer 2012 The Pattern of a Servant Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Summer 2009 Biblical Submission in Christian Service Pastor Adam Watt
Summer 2006 Practical Servant Training Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Summer 2004 The Equal Yoke Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Summer 2002 Where are the Laborers? Ron Bean
Summer 1993 They Couldn't Be Bought Tod Brainard
Spring 1989 The Editor's Desk - The Personality Cult Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Feb 1981 The Editor's Desk - Training Servants Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Sep 1979 A Look At The Book - Service Dr. Bob Jones Jr
May 1979 Walking With God Dr. Dayton Hobbs