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Projector Issue Title Author
Oct 1981 BJU Legal Seminar Anon
Oct 1981 BJU Tax Status Anon
Oct 1981 The Voodoo That You Do May Bring An Exemption Temple Times - East Point, GA
Jun 1979 Tax Breaks and Contributions The Voice of Christian Educaton
Mar 1979 The IRS Has "Done It Again" Dr. Robert J. Billings
Feb 1979 Judge Orders IRS To Reinstate Bob Jones' Tax-Exemp Status Anon
Nov-Dec 1978 Letter to IRS from Hamilton Square Baptist Church Dr. David C. Innes
Jul 1978 Curbing The Bureaucracy Rev. Claude Bunzel
June 1978 IRS Refuses To Answer Questions Robert McCurry
May 1978 Our Response To The IRS Robert McCurry
Feb-Mar 1978 Income Tax Dave Johnson
Sep 1976 Proposed IRS Regulations Anon
Sep 1976 Whether You Know It Or Not: You An Your Family Are $45,000 In Debt! The American Economic Foundation
Jun-Jul 1976 Not Yours to Give Edward S. Ellis
June 1974 Government Projects We Could Do Without Anon