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Projector Issue Title Author
Fall 2010 Editor's Desk - Haiti Mission Trip Report Pastor Tod Brainard
Winter 2010 Editor's Desk - The Happiest Man in Copiapo' Is With the Lord! Pastor Tod Brainard
Winter 2008

Missionary Veteran with the Lord

Dr. Gerald Johnson

Fall 2007 Observations of a Missionary Concerning Great Britain Missionary Ian Jamieson
Oct 1981 Missions:  The Indigenous Principle James W. Crumpton
June 1978 Missions In Korea Dr. Gerry Johnson
Nov-Dec 1977 Missionaries 'Violate' Treaty Anon
Sep 1977 Genocide Treaty A Threat To Missionaries Anon
Aug 1976 An Imaginary Letter To Apostle Paul J. Flavious Fluffyhead
Aug 1974 Qualifying As A Missionary Ken Becker
Mar 1974 Missions Militant - Missions Report Gerry Johnson
Sep 1973 Going To The Field? Ken Becker
Nov 1972 Called to be a Preacher or a Missionary-Which is It? Dr. Gerry Johnson
Sep 1972 Apostate Missions Exposed Dr. Dayton Hobbs
July 1972 Where Is It? Compromise in Missions Ken Becker
Apr 1972 Where Is It? Compromise in Missions Ken Becker
May1972 Missions Militant - Gospel Literature to the Military Gerry Johnson
Apr 1972 Missions Militant - Bible Institute Beginning Gerry Johnson
Jan 1972 Missions Militant - The Cold Church Without Windows Gerry Johnson