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Projector Issue Title Author
Winter 2012 Editor's Desk - Two Faithful Preachers With the Lord Tod Brainard
Fall 2004 The Heart of Preaching Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Summer 2003 No Time For Hard Voices Tod Brainard
Fall 2001 Preach It, Brother! Kevin T. Bauder
Summer 2001 "Preach The Word" Author Unknown
Summer 1999 Resources For Preaching Robert G. Delnay, Th.D.
Summer 1999 Consecrated Mouths Tod Brainard
Spring 1997 A Preaching Agenda Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Fall 1996 Preach The Word Dr. Bob Jones, Sr.
Summer 1996 An Essay on Biblical Preaching John E. Ashbrook
Winter 1995 Three Subjects Worth Preaching Rev. Ron Bean
Fall 1988 The Editor's Desk - Peer Pressure of Preachers Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Mar-Apr 1987 The Editor's Desk - Pendulums of Change Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Jan-Feb 1987 Preacher Or Teacher-Is There A Difference? Dr. Dayton Hobbs
May-June 1986 Very Little Preaching Concerning the Second Coming Dr. Handley C. G. Moule
Mar-Apr 1986 The Editor's Desk - "I Preach the Word" Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Jan-Feb 1986 Preaching Or Counselling?  Which Will It Be? Dr. O. Talmadge Spence
Sep-Oct 1985 "Preach The Word" Dr. Bob Jones Jr.
Nov-Dec 1984 Preach The Word Howard Crosby
May-June 1984 Sermon Outlines With Purpose-The Ribband of Blue Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Mar-Apr 1984 Sermon Outlines With Purpose-Masters and Servants Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Mar-Apr 1984 OBF Conference Resolutions - On Biblical Preaching Ohio Bible Fellowship
May-Jun 1983 People For Profit Peter J. Foxx
Sep 1982 The Editor's Desk - Spineless Preaching Not New Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Sep 1981 John Wesley's Record Evangelical Methodist
Jan 1979 Bridget, What Are You Doing? Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Mar 1976 Preach The Word Howard Crosby
Nov 1972 Called to be a Preacher or a Missionary-Which is It? Dr. Gerald Johnson
Aug 1972 Rating The Sermon The Orthodox Baptist