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Projector Issue Title
Sep 1982 Separation And The Battle For The Truth
Jan 1982 God Demands Purity In The Church
Apr 1981 Lloyd-Jones Rejects Cultural Mandate
Mar 1981 A.C.E.
Sep 1979 BBF Has Dr. S. M. Lockridge As Speaker
Aug 1979 GARBC   The Bill Gothard Youth Seminars
Aug 1979 Dangerous Leader  Ponder a Remarkably Startling Statement
Aug 1979 Is This The Way The B. B. F. Is Going?
Jun 1979 Becomes a Textual Scholar
Jun 1979 Open Heart Surgery for Hoyett Lemmon
Jun 1979 The Continuing Lynchburg Compromises
May 1979 James Robison's Annual Conference
Nov-Dec 1978 ....Resolution Exposing The Charismatics
Oct 1975 Separation
Dec 1974 Irish Fundamentalist Smeared