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Projector Issue Title Author
Winter 2018 Scriptural Principles Addressing Music Rev. Steve Anderson
Fall 2017 A Practical Assessment Of Worship Music in Missions Rev. Steve Anderson
Winter 2015 Spotlight on Contemporary Issues  Bewildered.....Miserable Christians Curtis Sluss
Summer 2014 Worship and Personal Music Standards for God's Glory, Part II Missionary Randy Cornelius
Spring 2014 Worship and Personal Music Standards for God's Glory, Part I Missionary Randy Cornelius
Winter 2013 Is the Battle Over Church Music Lost? Pastor Tod Brainard
Spring 2012 The Hidden Hook Curtis Sluss
Winter 2006 Hymn Singing In Crisis Pastor Tod Brainard
Winter 2003 Sing With Understanding Ron Bean
Fall 2000 The Erotic vs. The Spiritual A. W. Tozer
Summer 1999 Get Rid of Questionable Music Missionary Randy Cornelius
Summer 1998 Music - Is Not Always Music M. R. DeHann
Summer 1997 Deviations From a Solemn Sound Tod Brainard
Summer 1992 Criterion For Choosing Sacred Music Tod Brainard
Spring 1992 Choosing Christ Honoring Music Tod Brainard
Winter 1992 A Biblical Perspective on Church Music Tod Brainard
Spring 1989 Contemporary Music Appeal: Whom Are We Kidding? Tod Brainard
Sep-Oct 1986 Methodists Will Keep 'Militaristic' Hymns Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Mar-Apr 1984 "My Anchor Holds" J. Bennett Collins Report
Sep 1982 Country Music The Music Note
Mar-Apr 1982 Marketplace Music Howard Woods
Dec 1972 BJU Releases New Records Anon
Mar 1981 A "Tribute" To John Lennon Larry Carrier
Feb-Mar 1978 Rock Music Reader's Digest 10/77
Jun-Jul 1977 My Country 'Tis Of Thee Anon
Feb - Mar 1977 More About Southwide, Church Music, Smut Publisher Convicted Peter J. Foxx
Apr1973 A New Song Frank Garlock
Oct 1972 Modern Music The Voice in the Wilderness
Sep 1972 Rock - Noun or Verb Bill Harvey
May1972 Rock Music Can It Be Sacred?  Part II Frank Garlock
Apr 1972 Rock Music Can It Be Sacred? Frank Garlock