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Projector Issue Title Author
Spring 2016 Christian Educator with the Lord - Dr. Ardell Jacquot Anon
Winter 2016 William Earl Farrington - Remembering Gator Anon
Winter 2009 Obituary for Common Sense and a Welcome to Uncommon Sense Anon
Fall 2008 Update from the  "Happiest Old Man in Copiapo'!" Pastor Tod Brainard
Winter 2008

Missionary Veteran with the Lord

Dr. Gerald Johnson

Fall 2007 Happy 100th Birthday to the "Happiest Old Man in Copiapo'!" George Black
Spring 2007 A Belated Eulogy Bennie Moran, D.D.
Winter 2007 DR. DAYTON HOBBS, A Tribute From A Close Personal Friend Dr. William E. Liverman
Fall 2006 A Note of Gratitude Pastor Tod Brainard
Mar 1979 Gordon Sears Family Anon
Jul 1978 Book Reviews - The Separation Illusion, The Chronological Bible Dave Johnson
Apr 1978 Book Reviews - George Washington, The Panama Canal, The KGB, Positive Woman Dave Johnson, Carolyn Hobbs
Feb-Mar 1978 Book Reviews - How Can You Beat The Killer Diseases, Man, Women and God, Robert E. Lee, Christian General and Gentleman Dave Johnson
Feb-Mar 1978 Think Awhile The Orthodox Baptist
Jun-Jul 1977 A Look At The Book - Small Things Dr. Bob Jones Jr.
Jun-Jul 1977 Our Exaggerated Unemployment Statistics Anon
Jun-Jul 1977 Fuel Shortage Tom Rose
Jun-Jul 1977 Only One "T" In Dirty Westside Witness
Jun-Jul 1977 The Smoker's Lament David A. Beam
Feb - Mar 1977 Book Review - The Case For The Doctrine of Holiness In These Times, By Chester Tulga, D. D., My Answer To The Moscow Atheists, By Richard Wurmbrand, Born Again, By Charles Colson Anon
May 1976 Crisis - Management Anon
Mar 1976 Smoking 'Most Unnecessary Cause Of U.S. Illness Anon
Mar 1976 Faith Healers? Anon
Mar 1976 Nonsexist Bible Planned Anon
Mar 1976 Campus Crusade And Tongues Anon
Mar 1976 Horoscope Anon
Jan - Feb 1976 A Prayer for the Middle Aged Anon
Dec 1975 Questionnaire Tricks Anon
Dec 1975 A Garden For All Seasons Anon
Dec 1975 Whose Delinquency Anon
Nov 1975 A Thousand, A Thousand Thanksgivings Anon
Nov 1975 Predestination Anon
Mar 1975 The Strength Of Youth Anon
Mar 1975 The Builder Anon
Mar 1975 Paulson Available For Meetings Anon
Mar 1975 Boozers and Pigs Anon
Mar 1975 Is Alcoholism A Disease? Anon
Jan 1975 Snowed Under William M. Anderson Jr.
Jan 1975 Doctor Hodges Prophecy Anon
Dec 1974 Our Pastor Never Stops Anon
Nov 1974 Should The Christian Store Food? Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Jan 1974 I'm Fine Anon
Jan 1974 I Know A Square Anon
Jan 1974 Church Groups Can't Hire Religious People Only Anon