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Projector Issue Title
Winter 2019 We Need Preaching Against Sin
Summer 2016 Desire to Do Right
Spring 2003 Standing Without Compromise
Spring 2000 The Most Interesting Story I Ever Heard
Spring 1997 The Peril We Face
Spring 1997 The Peril We Face
Fall 1996 Preach The Word
Spring 1994 Word of Truth
Winter 1992 Standing Without Compromise
Jan-Feb 1985 Chapel Sayings of Dr. Bob Jones
Jan-Feb 1984 Satan's Domain
Mar 1979 Play It Safe
Apr 1978 Pussyfooters
Oct 1975 Abraham And Lot
Apr 1975 Chapel Sayings Of the late Dr. Bob Jones Sr.
Oct 1974 Security
May 1973 A Pure Heart
Dec 1972 Satan's Domain
June1972 The Subtle Serpent
Jan 1972 Standing Without Compromise