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Projector Issue Title Author
Summer 2009 The Eternal Word of God Ludwig Opager
Summer 2009 Editor's Desk - The Word of God Tod Brainard
Winter 2009 Editor's Desk - It's Time to Wake Up! Tod Brainard
Summer 2002 Spiritual Contributions Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Spring 2001 Word Power Tod Brainard
Fall 2000 Liberty in Christ and the Translation Debate Tod Brainard
Summer 2000 Four Great New Testament Mysteries Tod Brainard
Fall 1999 Give Us God's Word L. W. Munhall, D. D.
Fall 1999 The Editor's Desk re: King James Version Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Summer 1999 The Historic Protestant Belief Regarding the Inspiration of the Scriptures Ronald Bean
Spring 1997 The Peril We Face Dr. Bob Jones, Sr.
Fall 1996 Hurting or Itching Dr. J. Vernon McGee
Spring 1996 The Editor's Desk, Unction From the Holy One Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Spring 1996 The Family Bible Rev. S. Phillips
Spring 1995 The Editor's Desk, The Prophetic Gift Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Winter 1995 Absolute Confidence in the Sufficiency of  Scripture Tod Brainard
Summer 1994 The Editor's Desk -Paul Hill,  KJV and Peter Ruckman Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Spring 1, 1993 The Danger of Diminishing God's Word Tod Brainard
Summer 1992 Book Reviews:  New Neutralism, Dispensations: Rightly Dividing the Word Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Summer 1991 Christ The Archetype Rev. T. DeWitt Talmage, D. D.
Summer 1991 Basic Rules of Bible Study Dr. Henry Grube
Spring 1991 The Editor's Desk - Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Winter 1991 Scriptural Advice To Pastors Robert Murray McCheyne
Fall 1990 The Editor's Desk - Confidence in the Word of God Dr. Dayton Hobbs
May-June 1987 The Translation Tragedy Tod Brainard
Mar-Apr 1986 The Inspiration of the Bible Rev. James M. Gray, D.D.
Nov-Dec 1985 "The Scriptures" Rev. A. C. Dixon, D. D.
Sep-Oct 1983 The Authority of Scripture In Christian Education Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Mar-Apr 1983 The Editor's Desk - Guest Editorial - A Plea For Toleration John E. Ashbrook
Jun-Jul 1982 Then and Now The Exalter
Oct 1981 The Anvil - God's Word Anon
Nov 1980 The Translation Inerrancy Question Part II Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Oct 1980 The Translation Inerrancy Question Part I Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Oct 1980 Ignorance Or Arrogance The Biblical Evangelist
Aug 1980 The Issue of Inerrancy Peter J. Foxx
May 1980 Is The King James Bible Inerrant? Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Nov 1979 What Is Argument Ad Hominen? Pastor Bob Bradberry
Aug 1979 A Look At The Book - Swift To Hear Dr. Bob Jones, Jr.
Jun 1979 Becomes a Textual Scholar The BLU-PRINT
Mar 1979 Play It Safe Dr. Bob Jones
Jul 1978 The Editor's Desk - King James Controversy Dr. Dayton Hobbs
Apr 1978 Deacon True Sez: Anon
Apr 1978 King James Controversy Peter J. Foxx
Nov-Dec 1977 A Look At The Book - God's Word Dr. Bob Jones, Jr.
Jun-Jul 1977 Bible Study - "Study to show thyself approved unto God" The Angelus
May 1977 Tributes To The Bible Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, Lord Byrom, Daniel Webster, Napoleon Bonaparte
Jan 1977 She Knew Too Much Bible! Anon
Dec 1976 Diary Of A Bible For An Entire Year Western Messenger
May 1975 Is The Bible The Word Of God? Dr. Ron Comfort
Jan 1975 "Living Bible" Inaccuracies Pointed Out By Head of Bible Department At BJU Dr. Stewart Custer
Jan 1975 Seduction Or Scholarship - Which Anon
Nov 1972 The Inspiration of the Word Evangelist Ron Comfort