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Fall 2012 Axioms of Separation Epilogue, Part XIX
Summer 2012 Separation -God is Most Severe on Those Whom He is Using at the Moment, Part XVIII
Spring 2012 Separation - Would a Brother Lie?, Part XVII
Winter 2012 Separation - A SCENE OF COMPROMISE, Part XVI
Fall 2011 Separation - A Triumphant Refusal, Part XV
Summer 2011 Separtion - THE NAMELESS PROPHET, Part XIV
Spring 2011 Separation - WHAT SEPARATION IS NOT, Part XIII
Fall 2010 Separation - WHEN IN DOUBT,Part XII
Summer 2010 Separation - TIGERS TO PUSSY CATS, Part XI
Spring 2010 Separation - The Good Cause Syndrome Part X
Winter 2010 Separation - The Good Cause Syndrome Part IX
Fall 2009 Practicing Separation Practically Part VIII
Summer 2009 Results Do Not Mean It Is Right, Separation Part VII
Spring 2009 Van Impe Exegesis, Biblical Separation Part VI
Winter 2009 Which Words Are Scriptural?  Biblical Separation Part V
Fall 2008 Separation From Disobedient Brethren, Part IV
Summer 2008 Separation from Apostasy, Part III
Spring 2008 Separation from Apostasy, Part II
Winter 2008 Separation from Apostasy, Part I
Summer 1999 The World and the Last Time
Winter 1999 The Deviation Becomes the Darling Doctrine
Winter 1998 Is Separation Still Important?
Summer 1996 An Essay on Biblical Preaching
Summer 1993 Teaching Separation in Your Church
Winter 1989, Vol 18, No. 4 And The Land Was Polluted With Blood
Mar-Apr 1985 A Christian Policy on Race
Mar-Apr 1984 The Editor's Desk-Guest Editorial-The Most Dangerous Deviation
Nov-Dec 1983 Homosexuality: The Ultimate Sin Part II
Sep-Oct 1983 Homosexuality: The Ultimate Sin Part I
Mar-Apr 1983 The Editor's Desk - Guest Editorial - A Plea For Toleration
Jun-Jul 1981 Editorial - Whipped Topping At Kansas City
Apr 1981 The Christian, The Movies And TV
Apr 1981 The Editor's Desk - John E. Ashbrook Address to a Ohio State Board of Education subcommittee,
May 1979 Aborticide!
Feb 1979 Separation from Brethren
Jan 1979 Separation from Apostasy
Sep 1977 Thirty Years Of New Evangelicalism
Oct 1976 Separation from Brethren
May 1973 Key 73 The Devil's Latest