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Projector Issue Title
Fall 1991 I Am A Separatist
Mar-Apr 1985 Dr. Harold John Ockenga (1905-1985)
Jan-Feb 1985 "Spiritual Apathy In Christian Education"
Nov-Dec 1984 Religion And Politics
May-June 1984 The Baptist Fundmental Convention
Mar-Apr 1984 What Is Fundamentalism?
Jan-Feb 1984 Significant New Books - The Fight For Fundamentalism
Nov-Dec 1983 Religious War In Lebanon
Sep-Oct 1983 Rousas John  Rushdoony - Friend or Foe
Jul-Aug 1983 What's Wrong With Postmillennialism?
May-Jun 1983 People For Profit
Mar-Apr 1983 Christians and Cable T. V.
Jan-Feb 1983 An Open Letter to Our Readers - Re: Jerry Falwell
Nov-Dec 1982 Falwell's New Fundamentalism (Neo-Fundamentalism)
Sep 1982 What About The Jews?
Aug 1982 Antibiblical Subjectivism
Aug 1982 The White Lie - Ellen G. White
Jun-Jul 1982 The Pope In England
Mar-Apr 1982 Love Thy Neighbor
Feb 1982 The Bob Jones University Tax Case
Jan 1982 B. F. Skinner Loses Hope For Man
Nov-Dec 1981 Ecumenical Event, B. J. U. Tax Case
Oct 1981 Ruckmanism Exposed
Sep 1981 Creationism in Louisiana, Weniger Medical Bulletin
Aug 1981 Twenty-Five Years of Christianity Today
Jun-Jul 1981 Dr. Weniger On Road To Recovery
May 1981 Roman Catholic Bishop Speaks at Gordon College
May 1981 Lloyd -Jones Passes on to Glory, Fundamental Baptist Fellowship
Apr 1981 Billings in Education Department, Shadrach Meshack Lockridge
Mar 1981 A Declaration of Position
Feb 1981 Beware of British Israelism
Jan 1981 Anita Bryant Recants
Nov 1980 Translations Must Err
Oct 1980 Christianity In Political Perspective
Sep 1980 No Militancy For McGee
Aug 1980 The Issue Of Inerrancy
Jun 1980 The Moral Majority??
May 1980 What Is A "Family"?
Apr 1980 Troubles At Temple
Mar 1980 Doing God's Work God's Way
Feb 1980 The Real Jack Van Impe
Jan 1980 Dr. Greg Dixon Featured Speaker At James Robinson Bible Conference
Nov 1979 Discouragement In The Ranks
Oct 1979 Important New Book - Tools For Teaching and Preaching the Bible
Sep 1979 Christian Reconstruction?
Aug 1979 A License To Serve The Lord?
Jun 1979 The Death Penalty Must Live!
May 1979 The E. J. Daniels Crusade
Apr 1979 Enemies Of Antichrist
Mar 1979 More About Johnny Todd
Feb 1979 The World Wide Church Of God
Jan 1979 "W. S. McBirnie and the California Graduate School of Theology
Nov-Dec 1978 Fractured Fundamentalism
Oct 1978 Biblical Feminists?, Booze By The Barrel, Criswell And The Catholics
Aug-Sep 1978 Bible Institute Of Ohio, Gay Bob, Pope Paul VI
Aug-Sep 1978 Naaman The Leper
Jul 1978 A Business Or A Ministry?, Falwell's Failure, Dr. Bill Rice
June 1978 Gore Vidal; 100% Baptist
May 1978 Anita's Antics, Women Preachers
Apr 1978 King James Controversy
Feb-Mar 1978 "Porn-Again", Star Teacher
Jan 1978 Falwell Goes To Moody, Poor Billy
Nov-Dec 1977 More From Madalyn
Nov-Dec 1977 Falwell's Folly
Oct 1977 "The Plight Of Pleitz", Who Was Jesus?
Sep 1977 Charismatics At Kansas City
Aug 1977 Daughters Of Rome
Jun-Jul 1977 The 'Stigma' Of Fundamentalism
May 1977 Women And Religion, The Lord's Day, Congratulations To The Florida Legislature
Apr 1977 G. M. Backed Film-Cancelled, Eldlridge Cleaver's Conversion, "Private" In Name Only
Feb - Mar 1977 More About Southwide, Church Music, Smut Publisher Convicted
Jan 1977 Graham Endorses Social Drinking, Those Dangerous Christmas Carols, A Catholic On Wheaton College Faculty
Dec 1976 New TV Film - Life Of Christ!, An Uncertain Sound
Nov 1976 New Evangelicalism
Oct 1976 Youth Loses Beer Bout, Pornographic Movie of Christ, Minister's Union
Sep 1976 Freedom Of Religion
Aug 1976 Carter A Christian?, Dr. Greene Dies
Jun-Jul 1976 A Basket Of Summer Fruit