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Projector Issue Title
Winter 2017 Holding Back the Tide Against the Silencing of Christians
Spring 2016 Christian Educator with the Lord - Dr. Ardell Jacquot
Winter 2016 William Earl Farrington - Remembering Gator
Spring 2011 Take My Son
Winter 2009 Obituary for Common Sense and a Welcome to Uncommon Sense
Winter 2008 Missionary Veteran with the Lord - Dr. Gerald Johnson
Summer 2001 "Preach The Word"
Fall 1995 You Better Thank God For The Gospel
Winter 1992 Thinking of Football
Winter 1989, Vol 18, No. 4 Past Giants Of The Faith Did So
Spring 1989 The Bridge Builder
May-June 1987 Lord, Keep Me True
Jan-Feb 1987 What Is In A Name?
Nov-Dec 1985 A Great Work Continues - God's Simple Plan of Salvation
Sep 1982 Is Controversy Christian?
Oct 1981 Fred Schmitz with the Lord
Oct 1981 BJU Legal Seminar
Oct 1981 The Anvil - God's Word
Oct 1981 Dean Edwards in Glory
Oct 1981 Proctor and Gamble Commended
Oct 1981 BJU's Tax Status
Aug 1981 No Security In High Walls
Jun-Jul 1981 A Credibility Crisis Haunts Chicago Bible Teacher - Bill Gothard
Apr 1981 No Security In High Walls
Feb 1981 Five Marks of Apostate Teachers
Jan 1980 Catholic Eschatology
Jan 1981 But There's So Much Good In It!
Jun 1980 Will A Man Rob God? Malachi 3:8
May 1980 What's In A Name?
Nov 1979 Public School Superintendent Switches To Christian Schools
Jun 1979 American Christian Honor Society
Jun 1979 Decline of Education
May 1979 BJU To Offer Nursing Program
Mar 1979 We Dump Our Friends To Please Our Enemies
Mar 1979 Gordon Sears Family
Feb 1979 Who Is A Humanist?
Feb 1979 Judge Orders IRS To Reinstate Bob Jones' Tax-Exemp Status
Jan 1979 Bill Gothard's Compromise Opposed By Leading Fundamentalists
Nov-Dec 1978 The Inquiry Method Is A Fraud
Nov-Dec 1978 When Machen Left Princeton
Nov-Dec 1978 British Unbeliever Malcolm Muggeridge An j Jerry Falwell
Nov-Dec 1978 ...A New Evangelical Millionaire
Nov-Dec 1978 .....California Graduate School Of Theology
Nov-Dec 1978 No Such Thing
Nov-Dec 1978 New Pastor In Van Nuys
Nov-Dec 1978 Qualities Of A Good Teacher
Nov-Dec 1978 Kentucky Decision Heartens N. C. Christian Academies
Nov-Dec 1978 Judge's Rule Favors Kentucky Christian Schools
Oct 1978 Cross-Country Event Added To Soccer Tournament
Aug-Sep 1978 Sunday?
Aug-Sep 1978 Work Getting You Down?
Jul 1978 BJU - Mrs. Hobbs Receives Alumni Citation
May 1978 World Congress Of Fundamentalists - 1980
Apr 1978 Deacon True Sez:
Apr 1978 Learning From The Frog
Apr 1978 Spurgeon - A Separatist
Feb-Mar 1978 Confederacies In Evil
Feb-Mar 1978 Just Suppose
Nov-Dec 1977 Whatever Happened To Repentance?
Nov-Dec 1977 Elkton Wins Tournament
Nov-Dec 1977 Evangelical Methodist Annual Conference
Nov-Dec 1977 Christian College Capitulates
Nov-Dec 1977 Missionaries 'Violate' Treaty
Oct 1977 300 Years Ago
Oct 1977 The Panama Canal, Dr. Bob Jones III
Sep 1977 Genocide Treaty A Threat To Missionaries
Aug 1977 Youth Camp Safety
Jun-Jul 1977 Our Exaggerated Unemployment Statistics
Jun-Jul 1977 My Country 'Tis Of Thee
Jun-Jul 1977 News In Religion
May 1977 Tillman Available
Feb - Mar 1977 Book Review - The Case For The Doctrine of Holiness In These Times, By Chester Tulga, D. D., My Answer To The Moscow Atheists, By Richard Wurmbrand, Born Again, By Charles Colson
Feb - Mar 1977 Drinking Age
Jan 1977 Sick Sheep
Jan 1977 The Basic Laws Of Economic Progress
Jan 1977 She Knew Too Much Bible!
Dec 1976 Faith Christian School Takes Soccer Championship
Dec 1976 Do It Yourself Murder
Sep 1976 Proposed IRS Regulations
Aug 1976 Christian School Wins Supreme Court Battle
Aug 1976 Christian School Wins Supreme Court Battle
Aug 1976 Book Review Why Johnny Can't Read
Jun-Jul 1976 Obedience To Scriptures Fundamentalist Congress
May 1976 Crisis - Management
May 1976 Commencement Week Activities At BJU Announced
May 1976 The Hope Of The Church
Apr 1976 Youth Workers' Program Features Practicality
Apr 1976 Fundamentalist Congress Program Set
Mar 1976 Faith Healers?
Mar 1976 Smoking 'Most Unnecessary Cause Of U.S. Illness
Mar 1976 Nonsexist Bible Planned
Mar 1976 Campus Crusade And Tongues
Mar 1976 Horoscope
Mar 1976 Can The Hungry Nations Match Our Miracle?
Mar 1976 The Only Way To Raise Real Wages
Mar 1976 Mrs. George Wallace Addresses Charismatics In Alabama
Mar 1976 Red China
Jan - Feb 1976 A Prayer for the Middle Aged
Jan - Feb 1976 Pilgrim Seminar
Jan - Feb 1976 CEA Program Set
Dec 1975 A Garden For All Seasons
Dec 1975 Whose Delinquency
Dec 1975 Questionnaire Tricks
Dec 1975 A C C C Resolutions
Nov 1975 Wild's Soccer Tournament
Nov 1975 A Thousand, A Thousand Thanksgivings
Nov 1975 Predestinatioin
Nov 1975 BJU President Asks Students And Faculty to Cancel Subscriptions To Well-Known Magazines
Aug 1975 Van Impe Crusade
Jul 1975 Capital Punishment
Jul 1975 Religious Liberty Of Persons Theme Of Appeal In Ohio
Jul 1975 No Survival Of Fittest
Jul 1975 'Big Bang' Theory Is Seen As 'An Act Of Faith'
Jul 1975 State Universities
Jul 1975 New IRS Ruling - Private Schools Must Not Discriminate
Jul 1975 Conference Scheduled Christian Legal Defense
Apr 1975 Rammel Appointed New President At Pillsbury
Apr 1975 Common Cause And Rockefeller
Apr 1975 Gothard Writes In "Faith"
Mar 1975 The Strength Of Youth
Mar 1975 The Builder
Mar 1975 Paulson Available For Meetings
Mar 1975 Is Alcoholism A Disease?
Mar 1975 Boozers and Pigs
Feb 1975 Physical Science For Christian Schools!
Feb 1975 Church Schools Threatened In Maryland
Jan 1975 Baptist Congress On Fundamentalism
Jan 1975 Doctor Hodges Prophecy
Jan 1975 BJU Supports Virginia Protest Of Books
Jan 1975 Seduction Or Scholarship - Which
Dec 1974 Our Pastor Never Stops
Dec 1974 BJU President Announces Bible Conference Speakers
Dec 1974 Report Of NCCEA Convention
Dec 1974 California Association Of Christian Schools Has 2369 At 24th Annual Convention
Oct 1974 BJU Begins 48th Year
Oct 1974 Stay Order Issued
Aug 1974 The Inspiration and Use of the Bible
Aug 1974 Christian School Threatened By State
Jul 1974 Pioneer Program at Santa Rosa Christian School
June 1974 Government Projects We Could Do Without
May 1974 Commencement Week At BJU
Apr 1974 BJU Summer Program Announced
Mar 1974 Biblical Mass Evangelism Not Dead
Jan 1974 Wills Can Be Broken On Racial Grounds
Jan 1974 Lee "Rock" Royer Meets The Rock Of Ages
Jan 1974 New Stereo Record From B.J.U.
Jan 1974 Church Groups Can't Hire Religious People Only
Jan 1974 I Know A Square
Jan 1974 Guest Speakers For BJU Bible Conference Announced
Jan 1974 I'm Fine
Jan 1974 Founder's Memorial Amphitorium Dedicated at B. J. U.
Dec 1973 United Church Of Christ Communications Oppose Hiring Christians Only
Dec 1973 The 23rd Channel
Dec 1973 King James Version Tapes by B. J. U. Faculty
Sep 1973 Garlock Speaking Full-Time
Sep 1973 Dr. Rock Royer Heads Christian Educators Activities Association
Sep 1973 What I Owe My Pastor
Jun 1973 "The Untold Explo Story"
May 1973 Train Up A Child
Apr1973 Christian View Of World History At The Wilds
Apr1973 Revised Reprints Available
Mar 1973 Are Christian Schools Competing With Public Schools?
Feb 1973 What School Can Best Educate You For Christ?
Feb 1973 BJU announces 'FAITH'
Feb 1973 Kennedy Saved and In Heaven Today!
Jan 1973 United Church Women Celebrate Eve's 'Free Act'
Jan 1973 United Church Women Celebrate Eve's 'Free Act'
Dec 1972 Everything Begins At Home
Dec 1972 BJU Releases New Records
Dec 1972 Nothing But Sin
Dec 1972 Churches Afraid To Preach The Gospel
Dec 1972 Clergyman Attacks "Candy-Coated Gospel"
Dec 1972 Bishop Robinson Promotes Sex Revolution
Nov 1972 Bible-Denying Teacher Sues Over Dismissal
Nov 1972 Black Elected New Secretary of World Council of Churches
Oct 1972 Handbook on Church Building
Oct 1972 Formal Opening at BJU
Sep 1972 YWCA Buys $30,360.00 Controversial Ad in Time Magazine
Sep 1972 The Unbending Knee - Key To Victory
Sep 1972 Darkest Africa Fights The Mini-Skirt
Aug 1972 Pressure Drive to Legalilze Marijuano
June1972 Pity the Middle Class
June1972 Death Notice of Mrs. Prayer Meeting
June1972 Battling For Truth
Feb 1972 Child Rearing Book "Take This Child"
Jan 1972 BJU Art